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What is Horse Monkey?
Already quite a few of you are using Horse Monkey to easily enter our competitions or book onto our clinics, however not everyone knows about this “Horse Monkey” we keep speaking of!!
How to enter on Horse Monkey:
If you are already a Horse Monkey Registered Rider you can enter our  competitions either directly on the Horse Monkey website, through the Horse Monkey App which is on iPhone and Andriod or simply click though our up and coming events box like the below.  If you are not a Horse Monkey Rider, before you enter you will have to create your profile.  This is free to do and once set up you will not have to do it again …

To register go to the Horse Monkey website here, you have the following options to choose from:

Rider (This profile will mean that all entries will be booked in your name, you need this profile if you ride all your horses!)
Multiple Riders Profile (This profile will allow you to make bookings for multiple riders. You should use this profile if you book entries fro a yard, family member or if you want other riders to ride you horses along with using this profile if you need to book entries for your children but you pay the bills!)
You will firstly then be asked to complete your details such as name, address, mobile number etc and then go on to complete rider details if you selected Multiple Riders Profile then on to create your Horse/s, please make sure you complete as many details as possible.  As mentioned you will only then ever need to do this once.

Then you are ready to go, Horse Monkey will securely save all these details for you so you will be able to enter many other events without having to retype the details.  There is no subscription fees and no annual membership cost to use Horse Monkey – you will only be charged a small commission fee when you use the system to pay for entries online (less than a first class stamp) you can pay by debit card or credit card and Horse Monkey work with trusted partners such as PayPal and Sagepay so rest assured you are in good hands.

You can now enter shows within 3 easy clicks – Search, Enter, Ride

For those of you always on the move … you can download the free App and enter on the go straight from the palm of your hand.  Below are links to for the Horse Monkey App
HORSE MONKEY making show entry  Easy
but if at any time you need help or anything explained
please call Jean Clark on 07958 650036
Once you have registered yourself as a rider and set up your horses, you will be able to book directly via our website or any social media links, on our website pages just look for an upcoming events box.